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More and more involvement is coming our way, for which we are grateful.
We'll add to this as we go!  Here's some ways you can help, and places to do it!
Contact WION Radio if your business, club, or group is doing something to contribute so we can add you to our list!

(Wednesday 11/14)It's "Saranac Day" on WION! Sup't Jason Smith (right) and "Temperature Tom" (as we know him) brought us the handmade cards and letters from Saranac elementary students to the morning show. Over 400 of them! Penny will be at the Saranac American Legion from 4-7 PM collecting items from the Saranac area, and from area organizations! Visit with her this afternoon/evening. THANK YOU SARANAC! You've got some great young people who really care!

(Tuesday 11/13)Please plan to eat lunch or dinner at the Lamplight Grill today, and/or lunch from 11AM-1:30PM with the Gobblin' Good Food Truck, as both of these great companies donate a portion of their food sales today to "…