More and more involvement is coming our way, for which we are grateful.

We'll add to this as we go!  Here's some ways you can help, and places to do it!
Contact WION Radio if your business, club, or group is doing something to contribute so we can add you to our list!

(Wednesday 11/14) It's "Saranac Day" on WION! Sup't Jason Smith (right) and "Temperature Tom" (as we know him) brought us the handmade cards and letters from Saranac elementary students to the morning show. Over 400 of them! Penny will be at the Saranac American Legion from 4-7 PM collecting items from the Saranac area, and from area organizations! Visit with her this afternoon/evening. THANK YOU SARANAC! You've got some great young people who really care!

(Tuesday 11/13) Please plan to eat lunch or dinner at the Lamplight Grill today, and/or lunch from 11AM-1:30PM with the Gobblin' Good Food Truck, as both of these great companies donate a portion of their food sales today to "Treasures for Troops" The Lamplight Grill is on Main Street, Ionia and the Gobblin' Good Food Truck will be first to utilize the parking lot in the new plaza parking lot at Dexter and Adams. (Across from the new trailhead park.) Please spread the word and this post and let's do all we can to raise money for this year's "Treasures" postage!

(Added 11/9/18)  
Cheri from Belding visited WION's morning show today with donations from friends in the area! Thank you Cheri for coming out on this first snowy morning, and please thank your friends who donated!

(Added 11/8)  We understand the Silk City Quilters (meet in Belding, members from Ionia & Montcalm Counties) have 250 pillowcases for Treasures for Troops and they will also be giving a check towards postage! Thank you so much!

(Added 11/7)  
Another table set up at Muir Village Market for inexpensive and dollar items that are from the needs list for T4T! Makes helping our deployed military members even easier! Thanks, MVM!

(Added 11/7)  Via Blue Star Mothers:  Four businesses from the village of Lakeview are hosting four boxes to collect donations. You can bring your donations for the Troops to: McKenna's Village Restaurant, Tamarack Family Dentistry, Dollar General and the Lakeview Area News! Thank you Lakeview Area News and Lakeview times for posting the information about our donations drive! The box at Tamarack Family Dentistry will be picked up on Wednesday November 14th and the rest of the boxes will be picked up November 16th.

(Added 11/7) WION hears through the grapevine that St. John's Episcopal Church, Ionia which regularly collects certain items for troops would be happy to take your donation and add it to "Treasures for Troops". We thank the church for their willingness to help!

(Added 11/5)  WION got some GREAT news in from Lowell High School this morning:
"1300 flyers going out to Lowell High School students in a day or two, " says WRWW Advisor to students, Al Eckman. And, he sent these pictures:

First is the 'A' frame display in the hallway in front of the WRWW studio.

Second is the half-door display at the entrance door to the WRWW studio.

Third is the studio entrance showing the half-door display, & the 'A' frame display.

4th  is of WRWW members Peter Kooi (10th grade), and Will Jewel (11th grade) with a 'Treasures For Troops' donation box

(Added 10-31)  
WION is exctied to announce today we got word from Lowell High School and their great student radio station that they will be helping spread the word about Treasures for Troops this year in Lowell and Kent County through RADIO (WRWW) and donations may be sent with students to be collected at the WRWW radio studios inside the school (or of course,at the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce!) Thank you to the students of Lowell High and student radio station WRWW radio for helping WION, WGLM, and the Blue Star Mothers with "Treasures for Troops" 2018! We hope to have some of their students join us and bring Lowell High's donations when WION broadcasts from Lowell's Chamber on Thursday, November 15th! GO LOWELL!!!!

(Added 10-30) 
Stop in to the Muir Village Market on M-21 in Muir. They have the special "gift certificates" you can buy, which will fund shopping for items needed for our troops. See the table they've set up to help show some of the types of items while you're there! Thanks, Mike McClintock and Muir Village Market for hosting us on November 12th for our kickoff broadcast to the actual week of "Treasures for Troops" November 12-16th! Look at this great in-store display: (click to enlarge)

(Added 10/25)  Gift Certificates will be IN STOCK at the Muir Village Market on Friday, 10/26!  You can purchase one of these specially made certificates when visiting the store, and the proceeds will go 100 percent toward buying items in-store for Treasures for Troops!  Guest/Specially-asked shoppers will do the shopping for our drive saving you time, and you'll STILL be giving to the drive. ANY amount is welcomed, you decide what amount you want to give! 

(Added 10/19) Ionia High School on Tuttle Road, Ionia is now added as a collection point for items, (Thank you, Principal Ben Gurk!) so Ionia students and families can help without extra trips here and there!  Please give what you can for our troops!

(Added 10/30/18) The Log Cabin Inn Banquet Center, Muir is a dropoff location for "Treasures for Troops"...please donate here if you can!

Sids Flowers, Downtown Ionia--Stop in and write-in or sign a FREE card which will be added to the boxes we mail!  This is Sids' second year helping us in this way! Tell them you want to sign a card for "Treasures for Troops!

The Auction Addict's Attic, Ionia  is a collection point for your items!  Lisa's got a box there already in place, and has plenty of "empties" to fill, so stop in after you shop for the needs of our deployed!  We appreciate them starting this so early!

WGLM Radio, Greenville and WION Radio, Ionia  are happy to accept your donations during our regular business hours to add to "Treasures for Troops". 

Saranac Community Schools are writing cards in any and all grades, and collecting items from the Saranac Area!  Stop in to their two locations to donate to Treasures for Troops!  When you do, thank the administration on behalf of their students for writing cards and letters for our drive, too!

Restaurants donating from your dining  on "Restaurant Day" Tuesday, November 13:

The Lamplight Grill on Main Street, Downtown Ionia-A percentage of their food sales all day long goes to Treasures for Troops!

Gobblin' Good Food Truck & catering will be at M-66 & Adams St. 11AM-1:30 PM


One way for businesses to help in "Treasures for Troops" now is to place a change jar labeled for "Treasures for Troops Postage" at your point of sale counters, and allow folks to donate for what we (hope) believe will be around a $4300 postage bill this year for sending packages. Even if you're already collecting items for us, this helps in a different way. The Auction Addict's Attic is doing this in Ionia, please let us know if your business does so WION and WGLM can spread the word!


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