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Treasures for Troops Q & A and general information...

Treasures for Troopsis our yearly collection of commonly available items to be sent to deployed American Servicemen and Women overseas.  Many items that are common to us are not to them, and many basic needs the soldiers have to fund out of their own pockets.  Comfort items are also important in this drive as they bring a "piece of home" to our soldiers, wherever they may be deployed.

The Actual On-Air Drive is Monday November 12th through Friday November 16th, but as you will read in this blog, there are collection places in many locations around our area.  Please give what you can. You don't have to wait! Buy now, donate later!

WION Radio, Ionia and WGLM Radio, Greenville/Lakeview  promote this and are also drop-off points.  This year we're proud to welcome Lowell High School as a collection point, and our friends at WWRW, the Lowell High School radio station as partners in collecting and spreading the word for us!  A HUGE thank you to the students, and Lowell High S…